General Policies

Equal Opportunity Policy

JAT is confidential, non-directive, non-judgmental and non-discriminatory.

The aim of JAT is to carry out its duties as outlined in its Aims and Objectives to the highest possible standard, being informed and free from prejudice and discrimination.

All those connected with JAT  have the right not to be discriminated against on the grounds of HIV status, age, ethnicity, disability, employment status, history of drug use, religious belief, marital status, race, gender or sexuality.

All concerned with JAT are required to respect the religious and cultural values of others by treating others as they wish to be treated and recognising that treating everyone the same is not necessarily respecting diversity and difference.

Criminal Records Bureau

The Board of Trustees, in line with current legislation, have agreed a policy of checking with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), volunteers who work vulnerable people on behalf of JAT.

Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality will be maintained, both during and following involvement with JAT. The following guidelines must be observed:

  • Client anonymity must be maintained in all communications both written and oral. Any written records relating to JAT clients’ business must be kept locked in a secure place.
  • Within JAT it may be necessary to extend confidentiality to a larger group during case discussions.
  • Should there be any suspicion of harm to vulnerable people it may be necessary to break the confidentiality agreement. In these cases JAT  must adhere to the Safeguarding Children and Young People and Protection of Vulnerable Adult policies. It is each individual’s responsibility to report these cases.

Media Policy

Statements to the media on behalf of JAT may only be made by the Chair of the Trustees or by another authorised person. Statements may be made to the media by others only in their personal capacity, whilst making it clear that this is the case, should subject matter falls within the remit of JAT. In addition to this, statements shall not be made, nor actions taken, which may bring JAT into disrepute or which are contrary to JAT policies and procedures.

Formulation of policies

The Trustees of JAT are responsible for the formulation of policies. Where practicable, the Trustees of JAT will consult with volunteers in order to develop policy. The Trustees of JAT recognise that it may be necessary to offer training in order for JAT volunteers to become conversant with adjustments and new policies as they are updated and implemented.

All persons have the right to express their views about the organisation through the Chair who will then raise the matter at the next Trustees’ Board Meeting.